Multi-County Electronic Recording Delivery System

Fee structure

The partner counties initial "buy-in" fee is determined by the individual county's annual volume of recorded documents as detailed below.


County Size

(Annual Docs)

Initial "buy-in" Fee
Tier 1 > 300,000 $100,000
Tier 2 100,001 - 300,000 $50,000
Tier 3 0 - 100,000 $25,000

The partner counties annual maintenance fee will be $0.30 per recorded document for the previous calendar year as reported to the Office of the Insurance Commissioner pursuant to Section 27296 of the Government Code. The recorded document amount will be transcribed from the "Letter of Intent to Participate" issued by the State of California Department of Justice Electronic Recording Delivery System Program and billed once per fiscal year.


The system chosen by California's four largest counties!