Multi-County Electronic Recording Delivery System


We invite all California Counties to take part in our multi-county electronic recording endeavor and join SECURE as partners.

We are enthusiastically seeing our list of partners grow; Santa Barbara County signed on as our first SECURE Partner County in May 2009. Sacramento and San Mateo Counties signed on in December 2009, followed by Ventura County in 2012, Marin County in 2014, Tulare County in 2016, Nevada County in 2018 and San Bernardino County in 2020. Our most recent additions were Santa Clara County signed on October 6, 2020, Fresno County signed on October 26, 2020, San Joaquin County signed on November 12, 2020, Solano County signed on November 19, 2020, Merced County signed on December 7, 2020, Contra Costa County signed on December 21, 2020, and Shasta County signed on January 12, 2021.

Partner counties enjoy the vendor neutral characteristics of SECURE – how it connects with their existing recording systems while simultaneously leveraging an existing infrastructure that is proven to be fast and safe for the two-way delivery of documents.

As partners, counties receive information to integrate SECURE into their existing recording systems and are guided through the implementation process by the SECURE Administrator. To contact the Administrator, click here.

We have established a Memorandum of Understanding for partner counties that details configuration and support.


The system chosen by California's four largest counties!